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Sorry, the Seminar Is Fully Booked

We are sorry but the seminar of Natalia & Agustin is fully booked.


Of course you can join us at the camp where the give two workshops daily. In total we offer 56 workshops you are free to choose from.

If you need to go home the 31st to celebrate New Year with your family or friends then of course that is possible!

Pre-Camp Seminar: Tango Beyond Preset Shapes

On 27 December 2023 - prior to the Taboe Camp - Natalia Agüero & Agustin Venturino are back with a brand new Seminar to share with you their newest teaching approach, which is the result of a deep and detailed investigation of essence of tango.

The Seminar will give you an opportunity to understand and apply this original approach in your dance and enjoy your tango even more.

The Seminar


Uncovering the Underlying Language of the Dance


Three 90 minutes workshops

Part 1. Waves within the body

Part 2. Interwaving with your partner

Part 3. Riding the musical waves


The essence of the dance in tango lies in our ability to connect with our partner and the music. But what doesconnection really mean? How can we establish and stenghten this connection? 

We believe the answers are rooted in the underlying ‘secret’ language of tango.


Traditionally the dance instructions are often revolves around replicating specific dance movements or sequences, and later focusing on refining different technical aspects of each step. 

Over time, as we repeat and combine these movements, the natural dance language of tango begins to take shape within us. 

It could take years for this unconscious approach of learning until the language itself becomes recognisable, which finally would free us from rigidly predefined dance forms, and empowering us to express ourselfs creatively and with mutual contribution an input.


We have been rethinking for years whether it is possible to make this process of the the language of tango more conscious.

Recently, we‘ve developed the concept of SHARED WAVES.

With this approach we primarily focus on the uncovering the underlying dance language, allowing you to explore the vast richness and possibilities that tango offers. 


Applying this Shared Waves approach makes the learning of any figures and sequences a mere and easyexercise as an implementation of the fundamental concept.

From this point on, the dance language that shapes the movements will lay on your hands and at the service of your own imagination.

Let’s play together!

About Natalia & Agustin
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Tango at Taboe Camp 2023
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Practical & Prices


Arrival and registration: 11:15 - 11:45




12:00 - 13:30
14:00 - 15:30
16:00 - 17:30

Level: Suitable for all levels from intermediate to extra advanced
Booking: As couple. We can help to find a partner
Location: Woudenbergseweg 47, 3711 AA Austerlitz, the Netherlands

We offer coffee and tea and biscuits. Bring your own lunch.


€ 85,-

Diner & Opening Milonga Camp: 

€ 35,-



Are you not able to do the whole seminar? Let us know by email, we‘ll see what we can do for you.

Cancellation conditions

When you decide to book, we will confirm your booking and the following conditions will apply. We always advice to consider arranging a travel- or cancellation insurance.


Your application is binding. Payment has to be done and arrived onto our bank account within 7 days after the booking conformation we will send. In case of cancellation we will charge as follows:

  • no charge if you send an email within 5 working days after our confirmation. Make sure you receive an answer from us!
  • 25% of the price up to 1 months before the start of the event
  • 75 % of the price up to 2 weeks before the start of the event
  • 100 % of the price within 2 weeks before the start of the event

When you book you accept our the cancellation conditions. We put a lot of effort and book for you food, teachers etc. So we make costs and will charge in case of cancellation.