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Next Camp Theme


"Our intention creates our reality"


How can your intention effect the dance and camp experience of yourself and the people around you? Every camp we have a central theme to inspire teachers and participants. Themes like ‘play‘, ‘silence‘, ‘freedom‘, ‘YES‘, ‘intimacy‘ help to create a special experience.

Camp program overview

What is happening during the camp?

  • 10 hours dancing a day, mixed music
  • 12-15 tango workshops daily and free to choose from
  • bodywork sessions, e.g.: yoga, Feldenkrais, contact impro, ...
  • gatherings, sharing groups, milonga ’Kick Offs’ & other exotic tango ’snacks’
  • dancing in a lake or in the forest
  • live music and participants orchestra 
  • special rituals and magical surprises
  • private lessons (optional)
  • Shiatsu and massage sessions (optional)

See here the preliminary daily schedule and workshop overview of the next winter camp for inspiration.

Camp gatherings
Camp workshops

At the camp we offer 12 to 15 workshops a day for you free to choose. We ask the teachers to be inspired by the camp theme. This way we get often the most refreshing or magical workshops. We really want the camp to be a social event. So we encourage you to take classes and dance with many different partners. Teachers will invite you to swap partners at the workshops, but only if you like.


We will help you to find partners during the day and evening. We even have a wall with photos of each participant so you easily can identify partners you are looking for.

Private classes
Body work and massage

It is all about feeling good!

So enjoy body work classes in the morning such as Yoga, Guided meditation or Feldenkrais and once we even had an boxing workout. In the afternoon you can refind yourself with an intensive Yin Yoga session.


During the day you can have a full body massage and/or Shiatsu.


Send Sacha an email if you already want to book a Shiatsu session. She starts sessions on the 27th Dec. daytime.

Summer Lake Milonga
The music

Sometimes we hire a professional band and mostly we have some participants creating a special Taboe Tango band. So if you like, bring your instrument or voice.


During the café and milonga‘s we play a mixture of traditional and non-traditional music. We create different evenings with different musical atmospheres, sometimes more traditional and sometimes more out of the box.

Beltango Live