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27 Dec. - 1 Jan. 2024

14 - 20 July 2024

Dance your way to happiness


Surrounded by a silent forest, a welcoming and kind team of helpers and teachers, we create a tangohome where you can feel at ease, be open, make new discoveries and experiences.

We offer a free to choose program (all included in the price) with 12 milongas/tango cafes, 10 workshops per day, yoga, qigong, daily gatherings, sharing circles, special nights and tango-games.

The workshops are addressing all facets of the tango: technique, musicality, intimacy, creativity and awareness.

We cherish qualities as lightness & depth, silence & celebration, rest & challenge, as tango is not only a wonderful vehicle to grow as a dancer but also as human being.

To nourish a healthy tango community, we support diversity such as dance level, age and music style. The camp is without visitors from outside.

Taboe Creators
What you want to learn in life you can practice in Tango

How would it be to come together one week with (new) friends from all over the world and share our passion intensely.

Dancing, but also playing and experimenting. Because we believe that through tango we really can wash our souls when we are open for it. That is why we do more than dancing and workshops. We also share deeper topics in small groups, play crazy games and look for silence sometimes. Each camp has a new theme to inspire us all. And we take care, of each other, of our environment and hope to add a smile to the world.