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How to book

When you book here, we will send a confirmation email with a few days. Please contact us when you do not receive this confirmation.


Since we balance roles we often have a waiting list for single follower and (short) for double role bookings. Be patient, mostly we clear the list the last week(s) before the event.


Be aware of our cancellation conditions. We put a lot of effort and book for you food, teachers etc. So we make costs and will charge in case of cancellations.

Rooms in the area

For your stay you have to arrange a bed for yourself, because it is not included in our bookings. Food you can book via us. At the moment all rooms in the Kunstmühle are fully booked. Only beds in the dormitory are avialable.

When you want a private room the best option is Airbnb. There are plenty of good rooms at a reasonable price available. Use this link to go to Airbnb. We used Airbnb many times and were always very happy with it.

Booking form Taboe2Be 18 - 22 April 2019
Taboe2Be 18 - 22 April   Me My partner (if you have one)
Program  € 260,-
Food  € 115,-
Additional information
MeMy partner 
City and/or country  
I or my partner has a medical issue you need to know  
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