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Upcoming Events

Taboe Milonga

7 January Dj Paras

4 February Dj Berry

11 March Dj El Fresco

8 April Dj Paras

6 May Dj Lucas

3 June Dj Berry Live music Joe Powers Trio

8 July Dj Paras

Pre-Camp Seminar

Discover the dancing jedi in you
Use ‘The Force’ and banish overloading and underreacting!

16 July 2023 

Sigrid van Tilbeurgh & Maria Filali
Bookings are open now

Taboe Tango Camp

Main Theme: INSIDE OUT
16 - 22 July 2023 

Bookings are open now


 8 - 12 May 2024

A smaller Taboe event in an magical tango-mill.

Our mission

We, Paras and Paul organizing many events, which all have in common that we create an atmosphere where dancers feel at ease, light-hearted, connected, authentic and joyful. 

For this we often add a few extra things to the events, such as special milongas, blindfolded and other tango-games and beautiful tango-rituals, small group meetings and big gatherings.

We embrace diversity in teaching and dancing styles. 

With all this, we wish to add a little more warmth, love and joy to the world 😊

"Tango is Just the Beginning ..."

Teaser video Taboe Camp:



Tango-family life