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Dear tango friends!

After a 2 year break we are happy to create beautiful events again!

Each embace and each dance is so precious, knowing that the world is an unpredictable and fragile place and things can change quickly. 

 Let’s UNITE in Tango!


Upcoming Events

Taboe Milongas
Utrecht (NL)


 Sat. 7 MAY met DJ EL FRESCO



2 - 6 June
Veckenstedt (DE)


A cozy event with max. 60-70 dancers in a magical tango-mill.

Booking open 6 March 12:00

Taboe Camp
16 - 22 July
Austerlitz (NL)

A temporary tango village in the nature to find new inspiration, experiences and friendships.

Booking open now!

Pre-Camp Seminar
16 July
Austerlitz (NL)

A new seminar with this wonderful & fun couple Candela Ramos and Rodrigo Fonti. 

Pure Women Retreat
30 Jul - 5 Aug
Velem (HU)

One week in lush, nourishing nature with 2 daily yoga sessions, yin and yang, forrest meditation, authentic movement sessions, dancing, fire rituals and more magic. 

Our mission

We, Paras and Paul organize short & long, small & big events, which all have in common that we create an atmosphere where dancers feel at ease, light-hearted, connected, authentic and joyful. 

For this we often add a few extra things to the events, such as special milongas, blindfolded and other tango-games and beautiful tango-rituals, small group meetings and big gatherings.

We embrace diversity in music, teaching and dancing styles. 

With all this, we wish to add a little more warmth, love and joy to the world 😊

"Tango is Just the Beginning ..."

Teaser video Taboe Camp:



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