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Upcoming Events

Taboe Milongas
1st Saturday each month

Monthly milongas in the spacious Musketon theatre

X-mas Taboe Milonga
live music
26 Dec

Sparkling X-mas milonga at the Taboe Camp site (Austerlitz) with live music by the amazing Los Milonguitas (BsAs) and B&B if you like.

Pre-Camp Seminar
"Be the change"
27 Dec


"Be the change!" or what you can do yourself to improve the quality of the dance, connection and embrace of the couple. We love this subject. All about the core qualities of tango and to dance with more clarity, musicality and intensity. 


Taboe Tango Camp 27 Dec - 1 Jan

25th edition! Let"s celebrate, relax, play, learn, open up & connect!

Camp theme: Yin & Yang

Taboe2Be - Easter
9 - 13 April 2020

Taboe2Be a place to relax and refresh, to vitalize and re-connect through tango.

Booking is open!

Our mission

We, Paras and Paul organize short & long, small & big events, which all have in common that we  create an atmosphere where dancers feel at ease, light-hearted, connected, authentic and joyful. 

For this we often add a few extra things to the events, such as special milongas, blindfolded and other tango-games and beautiful tango-rituals, small group meetings and big gatherings.

We embrace diversity in music, teaching and dancing styles. 

With all these, we wish to add a little more warmth, love and joy to the world 😊

"Tango is Just the Beginning ..."

Teaser video Taboe Camp:



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