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Tango is just the beginning ...

 Welcome on our website! 

What is coming up!

Beltango Live
26 December

We are so happy to present again Beltango from Belgrade on extra milonga on the 26th at the Camp site and during the Taboe Camp.

Pre Camp Seminar
27 Dec 2018

Pre Taboe Tango Camp seminar with Natalia & Agustin. Three workshops about their inspiring way of dancing. Theme will follow.

Taboe Tango Camp
27 Dec - 1 Jan 2019

A party with 180+ dancers from 20+ countries, with Beltango live and 27 Dec. seminar by Natalia and Agustin.
Next camp theme is: I N T E N T I O N!

18 - 22 April 2019

The little sister of the Taboe Camp. In the beautifull Kunstmuhle in Veckenstedt (DE). Delicious home cooked food and many workshops.

Seminar by Sigrid van Tilbeurgh
4 & 5 May

This amazing dancer/teacher is giving a two day seminar the 3rd time. The workshops are basically followers technique, but some are fit for leaders too & a couple workshop before the Taboe Milonga 4 May. Locations in Utrecht & Haarlem (NL).

Tango is just the beginning ...

We, Paras & Paul, teach tango and organize tango events that are different.


We like to add extra ‘magical’ ingredients, such as games to (re)find innocence, gatherings to meet everybody, silence and meditation to go deeper inside, sharing groups to open up and learn from each other and workshops that sometimes touch the ‘inner side’ of tango.


We always create that special Taboe Tango experience and this is why we gather many tango dancers from around the world and create one big family.

Our mission

"Dancing I wash away the dust from my soul"

Our mission is to make people shine from the inside and outside.

For this we dance, experiment, share, play, learn, become silent and celebrate.

Everything with a smile and sometimes with a tear.

see below a short movie about the Taboe Camp



Be inspired