Yanna Ebson

Dance is an important part of my life, and being. Over the years, I trained in the UK and Europe as a dancer, dance teacher and therapist and was for several yeas was involved in Creative Community Dance Theatre, as well as tv/radio and various performance groups.


It is my joy to share and facilitate tango and dance intimacy workshops to support students who wish to free and express their inner dancer, improve their connection to their partner, and/or expand their vocabulary in the dance.


I grew up dancing Jazz & Contemporary ballet, and later enjoyed discovering the Latin partner dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba.. all of which I still love for their uplifting, sexy good fun qualities!


The Tango however, touched something deeper in me... from the first time.. "the way" my partner embraced me, and we just walked together.. it gave me time to breathe, and it felt like we were dancing with our hearts. The tango is a unique and sensual language, which requires us to be fully present, just like a dynamic awareness practice.

In social tango we embrace, listen and connect with each other, as well as to the music. We communicate through the dance as we move, sometimes melt, and flow together with our partner.


Dancing tango can be an emotional experience, and is often joyfully trans formative. In a world of not enough healthy touch, it can be very nourishing to embrace and dance together in this way. By setting up clear boundaries,  social tango creates a safe space for bodily contact!

When we surrender into respectful natural dance intimacy, moments of magic happens!


Her website: www.tangonote.com