Leilani Weis

She has being dancing, researching, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation for the last 20 years. In the year 2000 she started with Tango Argentino and fall in love with it. Since then she has being studying, performing and researching an easy way of enjoying the dance. In a very natural way both technics started to combine in her body, enriching the creative process of moving. In a very natural way she started teaching it around.

She is dedicated to the analysis of others and her own movement, feeling the dance from a very deep place in herself. In her teaching she wants to invite people to the self joy of dancing with awareness and simplicity, honoring the "creative animal" within each of us.

She creates dance pieces where her Latin-American esthetics come strongly out. She believes in creative collaboration as a way of nourishing her art.


Morning classes: Diving into the body
This morning warming up through bodywork, touching and being touch, will lead us to a way of fine listening. It will give us information about the details of our partners body and of ourselves. 
It is a practical study of anatomy through sensation and experience, that will enrich our dance and keep us healthy for an intense week of dancing.


ContacTango workshop
ContacTango studies the body and a way of relating to each other that increases the joy and the freedom in dancing with others. It opens a playful place, where sensation is welcome as an inspiration, supporting the natural improvisation of dance inherent to Tango and Contact Improvisation. With this classes people will find details that will enrich their dancing.


Some videos: Leilani Weis and Asaf BachrachFreiburg, Leilani and RuslanLeilani Weis and Javier CuraMaster-class with Leilani Weis