Lydia Müller

Lydia Müller (Germany) is a professional dancer in tango, contemporary dance, ballet and contact improvisation based in The Netherlands. She is specialiced in the fusion of Argentinean tango with contemporary dance and contact improvisation.


She studied tango with Jorge "El Pardo" Vieyra, Claudio & Melina, Gustavo Naveira, Leonardo Cuello and Dana Frigoli, among others.
She has been working since many years as professional contemporary danser in well known dance companies in Europe.


In 2010 she won the 1st prize with a tango fusion choreography of Ezequiel Sanucci at Rabotheater Open Podium Twente in The Netherlands.

Together with Ezequiel Saniucci she performed and teached at major festivals, theaters and milongas in Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Venezuela
and Mexico.

Some impressions:

Cabeceame performance