Steve Morrall

I started as musician at the age of 8 fallen in love with the piano and found in music a voice beyond my years. Later I also played the guitar, clarinet, double bass and after all these the bandoneon.

As a young adult, I found another silent voice as a visual artist, a graphic designer for twenty-five years. 

And then I found Argentine tango. It was the music that hooked me first and then kept encouraging me as I experienced the roller coaster ups and downs of learning to dance tango.

After 10 years I almost gave up as I just felt that my dance had become repetitive and boring. I was too much focused on movements and technique. 

One day I realized that I"m a musican and when connecting with the music deeply it gives me endless inspiration, creativity, subtle nuances and new gestures. Now I"m just following the storytelling soundscape of tango music.

I find meaning in musical structure, dynamics, rhythm and melody. 

I love following conversations between layers of the orchestra, and a brief burst of a solo instrument is like hearing meaning in a single voice above a crowd’s murmur. 

The music also provides a context and intention which enables both my partner and me to improvise together.