Déborah Van Cauter & Lucas Malec

Deborah van Cauter (Belgium) & Lucas Malec (Argentina) are completely in love with tango and their biggest wish is to share this passion with all the world.

Deborah, who came from a tango family, started dancing when she was 16; Lucas started as a tango musician and then fond his true passion in the dance. They meet in Brussels in 2018, teaching in Tango Factory, and they started their journey together. They combine their knowledge of the body & music with a solid state of mind, to create a tasty and comfortable dance; true essences of social dance.


They approach tango, not as a performative art, but as an encounter of two people, ready to improvise together at the service of the music and sharing the space with a community. This means that by working on your tango you inevitably work in who you are as a person, and by working in yourself you will improve your tango. They believe that with simple but precise movements anyone can reach the elegance, the flow, and the intensity we need to express the messages contained in the tango music.


An impression:

Lucas Malec & Deborah Van Cauter - Tango

Lucas & Déborah at Taboe Summer Camp 2023