Rafael Busch

Rafael Busch is co-founder and director of the tango school “Tangotanzen macht schön” in Berlin. He has been dancing and teaching for over 25 years and is one of the most experienced tango teachers in Germany.

He is a superb tango teacher and an excellent dancer, characterised by unusual musical sensitivity. At a milonga he always creates extremely friendly, almost familial atmosphere. Rafael has been dancing, teaching and Djing about 25 years. He plays traditional tandas with amazing power for dancing and (if people want to) also 1-2 alternative tandas to change the energy. Depending on the location, he also loves to use cortinas to make people laugh and relax.


Susanne Opitz & Rafael Busch – La rumbita candombé

Susanne Opitz & Rafael Busch – Androgyne

Susanne Opitz & Rafael Busch  Ariele E Calibano - Sineterra