Maral Kojayan & Mariano Laplume

A love & tango marriage

Maral & Mariano are leading Argentine Tango professionals from Buenos Aires, based in London and recently moved to Rotterdam! Together they give life to a rich, vivid and spontaneous improvised social dance that is characterised by creative fluidity, musical sensitivity and is simply presence inspiring. 

A genuine couple in life and dance, Maral (British) and Mariano (Argentine) are a perfect blend of the best of both world when it comes to quality and authenticity in teaching and style. They are experienced senior teachers with international teaching experience in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Erfurt, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto and more. 

Maral and Mariano have a unique and powerful combination; between them they have deep knowledge, skill and extensive professional experience not only with Tango but other dance forms, music and body/mind awareness which they bring to their teaching and performances. 

To list a few, Maral has modern dance qualifications and has danced many different dance forms. 
Mariano is a highly qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and former professional tango music (best known as a member of Sexteto Milonguero).
Maral also has extensive experience with Alexander Technique and is a certified practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. They also bring with them broad cultural understanding of Argentine Tango as Mariano is from Buenos Aires and Maral has a masters in Anthropology and lived and worked with tango in Buenos Aires for 7 years). 

Maral & Mariano run the very successful yet unpretentious London Tango Garden.

Some impressions:
The last goodbye - choreography
Martín Alvarado "Gracias a la Vida" live in England
Mandria, La Catedral, Buenos Aires
Lesson Review and Demo 
Demo Erfurt 2018
Their website