the camp magic at work

It’s hard to pin these things down, but the camps have had a joyful, energizing, warm, and liberating influence on me. Quite honestly, I think this was reflected in some of my choices and spontaneous actions last year. Again, I had a lot of fun and was moved in different ways by the camp. Talking about group dynamic, it seems a miracle to me that the camp magic ’works’ although it’s actually a rather large group of people.


Of course it’s not just a miracle because you do some very smart group games that help to connect to everyone (like walking through the hall and encountering the eyes of the others). I think you struck an excellent and amazing balance in how you dealt with the intimacy theme, with warmth and playfulness, and avoiding the many pitfalls of this delicate topic. Also the intimacy room was great. It seems sensible to have this kind of space even when the theme is not intimacy - because otherwise where can two people go at the camp when they find each other?