Mira van de Griendt & Lucas Malec

Mira van de Griendt

Before discovering Tango Mira practised classical and jazz ballet, street dance, aikido and salsa, she discovered Tango. Mira has a broad experience in teaching in many cities in the Netherlands since 2006. She runs her MiraTango tangoschool now. She also only teaches Lady’s Technic and Lady’s Styling.

As part of her tango discovery journey which never ends, she is interested inmusicality, expression, technology, dialogue, the encounter with other countries and cultures.


Lucas Malec 

Lucas is from Buenos Aires and started his career as professional jazz- and tango musician on the saxophone. He is also a composer. Now he is teaching in the Netherlands with Mira van Griendt en in Belgium with Deborah van Cauter.

He runs the La Yumba milonga in Amsterdam. 

Lucas & Mira 2022

Lucas & Mira dancing Pugliese

Lucas & Mira dancing Tanturi