Adeline Ireland

Adeline is an internationally working tango, yoga and meditation teacher.

For many years she lived a nomadic lifestyle, teaching her passion all over the globe.
No matter if she teaches dance or yoga, for her the mission is clear: The key to discover and access our potential is to be found in our ability to connect to our heart.
Therefore she sees her calling in facilitating people to connect to the intuition/wisdom of their heart, to hold space for feeling truth.
Adeline works with the interconnection of our body and our inside world to deepen the journey of self-inquiry, authenticity, centering and fulfillment.
Determined to restore numbness of all kinds and ignite aliveness, clarity and presence, she creates a space to allow exploration and transformation.
She is dedicated to re-legitimate feelings, expand consciousness and facilitate empowerment and liberation.

Some impressions:
Adeline with Alejandro
Adeline with Korey
Adeline and Rudy on Tango Tanzen Macht Schön in Berlin

Adeline with Malachai at the Taboe Camp teaching turns
Adeline with Malachai at the Taboe Camp teaching colgada