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Soulful Holiday

Where we allow the days to unfold in a natural flow

and we hear, see, smell, touch and experience

Where a lot is possible, but nothing has to happen

Playing with being finding joy and peace

With ourselves, each other and the world

Playing with Being

We are glad to share our peaceful ‘Island of Happiness’ with others. It‘s an unique place to be, to enjoy nature and good company, to share food and our stories, to make music, dance or just relax in the handmat or watch the stars. Like a small Taboe tribe.

Our homestay stands in the middle of a 6000 m2 sunlucious wild garden with lot‘s of (fruit)trees, right at the edge of the forest and endless hills, just outside the tiny village of Velem.


We let our days unfold without a fixed program besides a small morning Gathering. Here we meet to tune in, share and express our wishes for the day. We can create special ‘Playing with Being’ activities, like a ‘feast of the senses’, silent nature walks, small games.


During the day you can make long walks through the vineyards, the hills, go to the nearby lakes or to Kőszeg, the picturesque medieval town nearby.

You can use our racing/touring/off-road bikes for free.

We can bring you to the most panoramic wine tasting places and to the locals who make and sell their (chestnut) honey, jam, pálinka etc.

You can, of course, just lay in the hammock all day with a good book.


In the evening we share food under the grapevine or eat in one of the local restaurants.

At the end of the day we can dance, make music, sit at the fireplace, and tell stories or just watch the millions of shiny stars.



We don‘t have fixed plans for dancing, it all depends on us if the people staying here want to organise something or not.

There are possibilities as we have a large dance play-space outside and also inside.


We offer private tango lessons and ‘Move your Relationship’ sessions.

We have developed this enriching and vitalising sessions by our daily dance-self-inquiry during this pandemy for many months. It helped us for a great deal to get more free from limiting relationship-habits :) 

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