Paras en paul
Tango Atelier


Easter party
A tango journey to find your true tango voice

29 March - 2 April
Veckenstedt (between Berlin & Hannover)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday eveing workshops and milonga open to the public.
Join us, no pre-booking needed!


This event is the 'little sister' of the well-known Taboe Tango Camps with the same spirit and intention. We come together to dis-cover, re-fresh, inter-act, re-create and feel really at HOME. TANGO is one of the greatest vehicles for this! It allows us to re-connect deeply with our senses, heart and whole being. And this is a magic journey ...

Paras and Paul are guiding the event with a light, joyful and spontaneous spirit.
But this time we work together with a special teacher and Dj from Berlin: Michael Watson.

We dance (& optionally sleep) in the beautiful old watermill dedicated to Art & Tango.


We offer - all inclusive - 4 different workshop each full day and 2 workshops the last day. The workshops offer a mix of bodywork, tango vocabulary and technique, followers or leaders technique and tango awareness classes. Next we will dance together for around 6 hours a day. The food will prepared by our own English chef Diane and her team.

Everybody is kindly asked to help with clearing tables and doing the dishes.


16.00 - 18.00Arrival
18.30 - 19.30Dinner
20.00 - 21.00Playful introduction workshop by Paras & Paul
21.00 - 01.00Milonga

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

09.00 - 10:00Breakfast
10.30 - 12.00Gathering
12.15 - 13.15Followers technique by Paras
FRIDAY: Feminine & Powerful - How to dance Receptive & 'in charge' at the same time?
SATURDAY: Seducing the leader - our influence and contribution to co-create
SUNDAY: Spirals for more dynamic turns
12.15 - 13.15Leaders technique by Paul
FRIDAY: Power Posture & Smooth Embrace
SATURDAY: Creating movement & direction in 3 dimensions
SUNDAY: Share the dance through tiny movements of the body
13.15 - 14.00Guided Practica by Paras & Paul & Michael
14.00 - 15.00Lunch
15.00 - 16.00Free time, privates
16.00 - 17.30Afternoon cafe, cake and privates
17.30 - 18.30Free time
18.30 - 20.00Dinner
Workshop and milonga open to the public.
Join us and no pre-booking needed!
20.00 - 21.30Tango Workshop by Paras & Paul
FRIDAY: Using spicy D'Arienzo rhythms for a excitingly musical dance
SATURDAY: Boost your Creativity! - Tools to dis-cover many new possibilities in the dance
SUNDAY: Boost your Creativity! - 50 shades of ochos :)
Tango Workshop by Michael
FRIDAY: Giro with better dynamic and nicer embrace
SATURDAY: More expression for the follower for better exchange in the couple
SUNDAY: How and why to change our dance style when dancing on different kind/era of tango music?
21.30 - 01.00Open Milonga


09.00 - 10:00Breakfast
10:30 - 12.00Tango Workshop by Paras & Paul
Happy Flying Vals Turns - with surprise effect and yummy dynamic with chained variations
Tango Workshop by Michael
Milonga - music, rhythm, creativity
12.15 - 13.45Gathering
14.00 - 15.00Lunch


Paras Saghi and Paul Vossen
Paras and Paul are teaching tango internationally since 2004. They are well known as the organisers of the Taboe Tango Camps. Their 'beyond technique' tango approach makes them as teachers quite unique. They can take the group with ease onto a magic journey, where everybody finds a few hidden treasures to bring home.

Paras is famous for her talent to create a musical adventure with all dancers on the floor.

Michael Watson
Michael is dancing tango since ages and teaches many years in Tango Loft and Mala Junta in Berlin. He is well known for his surprising and creative way of teaching. As a Dj he is always looking for new music and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere in the milongas.


29 March - 2 Apr, Veckenstedt(DE)
For the fifth time we will enjoy the Kunstmuehle of Edda. A delightful and inspiring place with individual bedrooms and dormitory. A wonderful dance hall and lovely gardens. We bring again our own cooks for the most delicious food.

Start: 29 March 19:00 (with food) or 21:00 (no food)
30 March 19:00 (with food) or 21:00 (no food)
End: 2 April, 14.00
Language: English
Level: From intermediate to master
Location:, Strasse der Technik 6, 38871 Veckenstedt (DE)
Registration: This a role balanced event. Use the booking form in case you are interested to join.
Rooms: See here for the Künstmuhle or see here an overview of private rooms in Veckenstedt area.


All prices per person. The program is from Thursday 29 March until 2 April. You can choose optional with or without food. You can reserve rooms, dormitory or camper van at the Kunstmühle.

It is possible to arrive on 30 March, contact us for more details.

Program with food € 365,-
Program without food € 285,-

Prices below per person per day
Bridal suite € 30,-fully booked
Small Double Room with toilet/shower € 25,-fully booked
Large 3-persons Room with common bathroom € 25,-fully booked
Single Room with common bathroom € 25,-fully booked
Dormitory in the Schlafsaal € 14,-
Dormitory mattress in the Remise € 10,-
Bedding only for Dormitories € 6,-

Join us Friday-Saturday-Sunday evening!

Single workshop and milonga € 25,-
Single milonga € 8,-
Single workshop € 20,-

See here an overview of private rooms in Veckenstedt area, if you want to make your own arrangements.


Strasse der Technik 6, 38871 Veckenstedt (DE)

By public transport
Hannover -Airport is nearest, then by train to Ilsenburg (around 2 hours). Another option is Berlin Airport, than by flixbus. That is cheap, but maybe the timetable does not fit (around 3 hours). Or from Berlin by Harz-Elbe-Express (cheapest train) to Ilsenburg (again timetable has to fit, around 3 hours).

Let us know when you arrive and we will try to pick you up!.