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Murat Erdemsel (TR) Intensive Seminar

Intensive Seminar 27 December, Austerlitz, NL (near Utrecht)
prior to the International Taboe Tango Camp

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The seminar

"Advanced analysis of musical dance, elegance and equal partnership"

This seminar is about three fundamental aspects of dancing which make you and your dance partner moving comfortable, feeling strongly connected and greatly appreciated with your contribution in the mutual creation.

Everything is about to promote and develop your 'social' dancing skills. No extraverted, no overly projected gestures, but all subtle and sensual work that makes you connect with your partner annd together find magical moments in your dancing. We will not look at the stars to wonder if there are more lives out, rather we will look into ourselves and go into the endless depth of our own space.

This Advanced Seminar offers a comprehensive program. A special opportunity for the committed dancers who want to deepen their knowledge, possibilities and transform their dancing to a new level. Last but not least: It will be also a lot of fun!

Murat Erdemsel
Murat is gifted with an insightful, thorough and analytical understanding of the dance. His experience with teaching and performing tango numbers 17 years. Widely known for his strong lead and musicality, Murat's background in fine arts and music provides him with the perfect blend of senses for the movement of bodies through time and space.

In his philosophy of teaching Murat strives to offer students valuable tools in order to enable them to take control of their own personal growth. Murat is warm, attentive, entertaining and accessible to students. The style of his teaching is holistic in approach and clear in method. He successfully combines technical and sensory exercises with fundamental concepts that lead to all the challenging possibilities of improvisation and expression.

As demonstrated in his own dance, he focusses on the origin of movement coming from an agreement in the embrace and has created a unique brand all his own characterized by musicality, playfulness, a balanced partnership and an awareness of social etiquette.

Murat is travelling and teaching around the world for more than a decade. His dancing is smooth, elegant, refined and natural (he is a lover of simplicity). Murat is an insightful and unusually creative teacher who developed many refreshing teaching tools in his classes, which you will always remember. His instructive visual musicality classes and lectures are popular all over the world.
Booking: from advanced onwards, only couples. When you are single we will try to help you to find a partner.

Check him out:
Sigrid & Murat performing Amigos del tango, Finland 2017
Sigrid & Murat performing Silencio in Catania, Italy. 2016
Sigrid & Murat improvising Biagi in Budapest Hungary. El Sabor De Hungria 2016
Sigrid & Murat ALTERNATIVE: "Innocent" in Catania, Italy 2016

Wednesday 27 Dec

11.30 - 12.00Arrival and warming up dances
12.00 - 13.30Workshop 1
13.30 - 13.45Break
13.45 - 15.15Workshop 2
15.15 - 15.30Break
15.30 - 17.00Workshop 3
17.00 - 18.00Practica
18.30 - 20.00Dinner (order a week before optional)
21.00 - 01.00Grand Opening Milonga Taboe Camp (optional)


Start - EndWednesday 27 December, Start 12:00 end 18:00
LevelFrom extra advanced level onwards
LocationWoudenbergseweg 47, Austerlitz, the Netherlands (the Taboe Tango Camp venue)
StayIf you need to arrive the 26nd we can arrange a bunkbed & breakfast at the Camp location, € 25,-
BookingAs couple, singles we will help to find a partner. Book here!

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Three workshops€ 75,00
Optional: Wednesday dinner and Opening Party Taboe Camp€ 25,00
Optional: Wednesday night mattress & breakfast€ 25,00
Optional: Tuesday 26 December bed & breakfast€ 25,00

If you only want to join one or two workshops, send us an email. We will see what we can do.

Booking & conditions
Your application is binding.
Payment has to be done and arrived onto our bank account within 14 days after our booking conformation.
In case of cancellation we will charge as follows:
- no charge within 5 working days after our conformation
- € 50,- up to 4 weeks before the start of the event
- 100 % of the price within 4 weeks before the start of the event