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Tango Atelier

Tango Training

working for three days intensely and focused on your next personal tango goals!

Tango Training is a professional and personal method for dancers who really want to develop their dancing substantially.

We first define together what is your next step in tango. Next we will make a plan in which we define your goals and how to reach them. You will receive a series of exercises, homework, video-feedback and instructions for your partner on how to assist you.

During three days we will work with short private classes, guided practica, coaching sessions, workshops, practice time and even a practica with a teacher during a real milonga.
This way you will work very concentrated and intensely with your partner at your next step in tango.

We will work in a small group with maximum 3-4 couples per teacher. We make sure you will stay on track and real progression is being made using your partner and the group. It is all about hard work and staying focused on your personal goals until to master them.

Tango Training is suitable for dancers who are committed to work at their own development. You need a good basic level, be able to assess your own dance, execute exercises in detail and give your partner feedback.